Getting started

Junction bot is a bot to read Telegram channels in one feed. Also, it has multiple features for those who forward messages from sources like channels, groups or bots to other sources.

At a glance: what this Telegram bot can do?

The following features are available:

1. Subscription – read new messages from several channels in one feed in a private or public chat with JunctionBot.

2. Forwarding – copying of new messages from channels, groups, users and bots to your channel or group.

3. Filtering – create rules to describe which messages should be copied or ignored. Including filtering of every n-th message and duplicates.

4. Modification & Replacement – create rules to replace one text in the message body with another, change the way links and headers look like.

5. Flexible settings. Including styling, adding of buttons and more.

👉🏻 Next: Choosing the right account type.