Choosing the right account type

There are 3 types of accounts:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Direct Connection

On a Free account during the first month you get a Demo.
You may buy additional services as Extra packages to any of your accounts.

Getting messages from closed private channels (channels without an invitation link) and bots is possible only with Direct Connection.

Comparison by features

Subscriptions7100 for 30 days*100-unlimited
Forwards-3 for 3 days**10+10unlimited
From private channels (read/forward)--5+5unlimited
From closed private channels (read/forward)----unlimited
From bots (read/forward)----unlimited
Propagation of edited and deleted messages ----+
Setting explain
Setting delay
Forwarding to other bots----+
Delivery speedWithin 1 hourWithin 1 hourWithin 1 hourInstant****Instant
Price / mo.FREEFREE89 RUB
(~1.2 USD)
see the table below
1000 RUB
(~13.3 USD)

* starts automatically after first sign-in to the bot
** starts at request by using the command /demochannel
*** Direct Connection works by connecting the bot directly to your Telegram account. It includes all other services.
**** See express service

Amount of subscriptions and forwards means amount of rules you can set up. Amount of messages being copied is unlimited.

Extra packages

ServicePrice per month
+10 extra forwards50 RUB (~0.7 USD)
+5 extra private channel sources50 RUB (~0.7 USD)
+1 express (instant delivery from a public channel)100 RUB (~1.3 USD)

Details about account types

Demo During the first month, the bot is working in a demo mode. The limit is 100 subscriptions for public channels. Forwards are not available in this mode by default, but you can activate a 3-day trial separately by the command /demochannel.

Free After the first month, your account automatically switches to a free mode. You can have 7 subscriptions for public channels and no forwards.

Standard At any moment you can buy a standard account using the command /powerup. It gives you 100 subscriptions, allows you to forward messages from one channel to another (up to 10 rules) and work with up to 5 private channels (with an invitation link).

So, the Demo mode has 100 subscriptions. Then the limit is 7 (Free mode). After the payment (/powerup) you will have 100 subscriptions again. Forwards (copying from one channel to another) are available in the Standard account and Direct Connection mode only.

Direct Connection allows you to copy new messages from public and closed private channels (without an invitation link) as well as from bots to other channels. You can read more about the DC here.

Extra packages Additional features (instant delivery, extra private channels, and extra forwards) are paid separately. How to purchase?

A guide on choosing the right account type

1. I want to read channels in one feed

ServiceType of account you need
Read up to 7 public channelsFree
Read up to 100 public channelsStandard
Read more than 100 public channels2 Standard accounts
(see non-service groups)
Read up to 5 private channels (with an invitation link)Standard
Read more than 5 private channels (with an invitation link)Standard
+ Extra package (+5 private)

👉🏻 More about subscriptions.

2. I want to forward (copy) messages from one source to another

ServiceAccount you need
Up to 10 forwarding rules from public channels / public groups to channels/groupsStandard
More than 10 forwarding rules from public channels / public groups to channels/groupsStandard + Extra package (+10 forwards)
Up to 5 forwarding rules from private channels / private groups (with an invitation link) to channels/groupsStandard
More than 5 forwarding rules from private channels / private groups (with an invitation link) to channels/groupsStandard + Extra package (+5 private)
Instant delivery from a public channelStandard + Extra package (+1 express / per channel)
Forward from a closed private channel (without an invitation link) or from a botDirect Connection

👉🏻 More about forwarding.
👉🏻 More about Direct Connection.


If your source is a public channel or private channel with an active invitation link, then you need a Standard account. The pricing for this service you can see by a command /powerup.

If your source is a private channel without an invitation link or is a bot, then you need the Direct connection. The pricing and manual for this service you can see here.

Please create a separate group chat with bot (non-service one). It will be working as a separate account and you will need to pay for it separately. All details you can see with command /account

You need a pro-account.
1. Speed up the channel (delay will be less than several seconds) – ₽100 per month per channel. Speeded up channels you can always change later with command /express.
2. Get 10 more forwards – ₽50 per month.
3. Get 5 more private channels – ₽50 per month.
4. We can connect your telegram-account to the bot (direct connection) so you can forward your messages from any sources wherever you want. It allows to implement the most crazy ideas %) Also it can be useful to forward messages from private channels where you are member and but which are closed for the bot or don’t have invitation links. All channels connected in such a way don’t need a speed up, messages will come in several seconds. Price is ₽1000 per month per account. More details.

How to enable: Top up your pro account with command /poweruppro and contact admin for enabling needed services. Please pay attention that this command is different from a command to pay for your general account (/powerup). Once topped up your pro account will keep your balance and all pro services will be paid using this balance. Once the next payment time is reached the monthly fee will be deducted from your pro balance.
This is different from the general account where your payment directly prolongs working time.

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