I’ve subscribed to a channel / set up forwarding and there are new messages in a channel, but the bot does not deliver them.

For channels just added to our system, the start of delivery can take up to one day. This is caused by Telegram’s limitations – we cannot connect to a lot of new channels in a short period of time. But usually, it’s quicker, so just wait for a little.

Messages can come with a delay, usually it will not exceed 30 minutes. Before trying everything else please ensure that the desired channel presents in the list of your subscriptions (use command /list). Also, check that your filters are not filtering all the messages (usual mistake is to add a mustNotHave filter on all links and forget to disable links in the message’s footer).

If messages are still not coming please contact us and provide:
1. a message which you’ve used to create your subscription or forwarding,
2. date-time when you subscribed,
3. the bot’s answer,
4. the bot’s answer to the /list command.

Questions without this information will be redirected back to this FAQ.

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