I have 10 forwards from channel to channel but I need more. I want messages to come quicker. I need more than 5 private channels.

You need a pro-account.
1. Speed up the channel (delay will be less than several seconds) – ₽100 per month per channel. Speeded up channels you can always change later with command /express.
2. Get 10 more forwards – ₽50 per month.
3. Get 5 more private channels – ₽50 per month.
4. We can connect your telegram-account to the bot (direct connection) so you can forward your messages from any sources wherever you want. It allows to implement the most crazy ideas %) Also it can be useful to forward messages from private channels where you are member and but which are closed for the bot or don’t have invitation links. All channels connected in such a way don’t need a speed up, messages will come in several seconds. Price is ₽1000 per month per account. More details.

How to enable: Top up your pro account with command /poweruppro and contact admin for enabling needed services. Please pay attention that this command is different from a command to pay for your general account (/powerup). Once topped up your pro account will keep your balance and all pro services will be paid using this balance. Once the next payment time is reached the monthly fee will be deducted from your pro balance.
This is different from the general account where your payment directly prolongs working time.

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