Direct Connection

Direct Сonnection allows you to redirect messages from public and private channels, as well as from bots, to other channels. Using Direct Connection you get an unlimited number of forwarding rules and instant delivery.

Some important things:

  • You have to be a member of the source channel.
  • This feature works by connecting @junction_bot to your account as a separate Telegram client.
  • The costs are 1,000 RUB (~13.2 USD) per month for one connected account. There is a discount as well: 2,700 RUB (~35.6 USD) per 3 months and 10,000 RUB (~131.8 USD) per year.

With Direct Connection it is impossible to figure out who forwards the message. The administration of a source channel or a bot sees only your account and does not have any technical ability to find out what you are doing with the received messages.

Please see FAQ down this page for more useful tips about Direct Connection.


Attention: There is a promo action going for Direct Connection! Invite a friend and he/she will receive a 50% discount for the first month. After your friend starts using Direct Connection you’ll get ₽500 to your pro-account. Get your personal referral link with the /referral command and ask a friend to mention this link to the bot`s administrator when he/she will be setting up Direct Connection.


How to connect

1. Use the /poweruppro command

Send the /poweruppro 1000 command to the Junction Bot to pay 1000 RUB (~13.2 USD) for Direct Connection.

Please don’t mix it up with the /powerup command, which is used to buy a Standard account.

/poweruppro - buy a service (top up wallet)
Format: /poweruppro top_up_amount_in_rubles
Examples: /poweruppro 1000 - pay 1000 rubles (~13.2 USD)

Attention! You should pay from the account which you are going to use to manage your Direct Connection (even if a member of the source channel is a different account).

2. Follow the link to the Payment page on our website

Choose one of the options:

  • do a one-time payment.
  • set a periodic payment. Later this payment will be repeated 3 days before the end of the current paid period. You always can turn autopayment off in your account settings.
2. Follow 1 of the links

3. Choose a payment method

Here you will be prompted to choose the available payment method. More details please see here.

4. Disable the Cloud Password

In order to let us provide this service, you need to have your Telegram Cloud Password (2-Factor Authentication) disabled. After p.5 (see below) you may enable it back.

5. Send a message to the bot administarator

Send a Telegram message to the administrator with the following information:

  • the phone number of the account being connected (this account should be a member in the source channel/group).

If you would like to manage your Direct Connection from a different account (the one you’ve paid from), please mention it as well.

6. Follow the instructions from the bot to set up your forwards

After the onboarding of your account, you will see new options in the command /new

Creating new forward

To create a new forward:

  1. Send the command /new to the bot
  2. The bot will send you a list of buttons with the names of all chats you are a member of. Choose the source for your forward. If needed use the button ‘More’ to load more channels.
    Alternative: instead of choosing a channel on buttons send the virtual channel number to the bot.
  3. Now choose the destination chat. You can use buttons or, alternatively, send the channel link to the bot (f.i.,
  4. Your forward is created, check it using the /forwards command.

See the list of all your forwards

To see all your forwarding rules use the /forwards command (former /list).

Each rule will have the following format:

From: &1234567890#787878 = Source channel
To: Destination channel or group

where &1234567890#787878 is the virtual number of the source channel.

Deleting or disabling a forward

To delete or disable a forward:

  1. Use the /forwards command.
  2. Choose the forward you want to delete on the buttons.
  3. Click on the Disable button (to turn the forward off) of the Delete button (to completely delete it).

Please be careful: a deteled forward cannot be recovered.

Virtual channel number

In the ‘My forwards’ section (/forwards) you will see a list of your phone numbers which have Direct Connection. The format is like this: &31612345678.

Virtual channel number is formed from your &phone number and a #channel id (or chat or bot id), for example:


When using Direct Connection, you should use this virtual number everywhere you need a link to a source (using settings, /filter, /replace etc) as well as when subscribing via DC.

How to find out a channel id? There are a few ways:

  • If your forward is already set up, use the /forwards command.
  • If you are a member of the source channel, use the /channels command. It will give you a list of all the channels and chats you are subscribed to, with their IDs.
  • If the chat you are looking for is not on the list, you can forward a message from this chat to @junction_helper0_bot. Then find the field with the number like -1001251642436. Then you remove the -100 get the ID of the chat: 1251642436.
  • Another way: open the source channel in Web Telegram and you will see the ID in the URL.

Applying settings

You may use all Junction Bot features like filtering, replace and other settings. For that replace the link to a source with the virtual channel number, like in the examples below.

Here are examples of the most common cases.

Filter out all images
Format: /filter virtual_channel_number [rule] [type_of_attachment]
Example: /filter &31612345678#787878 mustNotHave <photo>
Check out other rules in filtering

Format: /replace virtual_channel_number [text] [new_text]
Example: /replace &31612345678#787878 angry&nbsp;cats cool&nbsp;dogs

Make the name of the source channel visible
Format: /settingchannel virtual_channel_number header [keyword]
Example: /settingchannel &31612345678#787878 header bold
Check out other rules in replace

Forwarding all messages to one destination with 1 rule

If you need to forward messages from all the channels you are a member of, this feature may be useful.

1. Send the /new command
2. As a source send an & with the phone number which has a Direct Connection (ex. &31612345678)
3. As a destination choose a channel or group (where you and the bot should be both administrators) 

That’s it! Now you will have only 1 rule which would work for all your channels. We recommend using a separate account to use this feature, which would be a member of only those channels that you need to forward.

If the source is absent in the list

Use the command /new to create new forwarding rules. with the command /new. Using this command you will see the list of available sources and will be able to choose the one you need (see example in the video).

In some very rare cases there could be no source in this list which you need. Then, just after sending the command /new, instead of choosing the source with the buttons, send to the bot the virtual channel number of the source. After that you can finish the set up procedure as usual.

Remember, that to use Direct Connection for forwarding from channels or groups your connected account must be a member of the corresponding source channel or the group.

Subscribing using Direct Connection

If you want to subscribe to channels using Direct Connection (it means to receive posts to your chat with the bot without forwarding them further), use the following instruction:

  1. Using the /channels command get a list of available channels
  2. Find a channel you need there and remember its number (in brackets)
  3. Send a virtual channel number to the bot. For example &31612345678#787878

Forwarding messages on behalf of your account

If you want forwarded messages to be sent not via @junction_bot, but via your account, this is possible.

When you set up forwarding to users’ private chats and other bots, messages will be automatically sent on behalf of your connected account.

If you want messages to groups or channels to be sent on behalf of your connected account (for example, if you don’t want to add @junction_bot to a destination group or channel), then you need to use the following configuration method:

  1. Send to the bot the command /new
  2. Select the source with the help of the buttons as usual
  3. Instead of selecting the destination with the buttons, send the virtual number of the group or channel to the bot. For example, &1234567890#123456789

When you forward using this mode you don’t need to add the bot to the destination chat.

What is @junction_ctrl_bot?

From the account connected to the bot you can interact with @junction_bot, but it can be a bit confusing since the chat with the bot will be used also for the service purposes. We recommend creating a separate account and managing the bot from it.

Also, we understand that creating a separate account can be not very convenient. If you do not want to create a separate account, you can manage the bot through the helper bot: @junction_ctrl_bot

IMPORTANT: It’s a good idea to register at @junction_ctrl_bot anyway. It will allow us to notify you about important moments such as the expiration of the current payment.

A few other important things

Do not delete the “Junction Bot Service Channel” created by the bot. The bot needs it to function properly. You may archive it if it annoys you.

Do not block or delete the chat with @junction_bot from the connected account.


You may face this problem when you use forwarding from your account &1234567890 to a @destination channel without specifying the exact source channel (&1234567890#787878) and in the same time you join the @destination channel by your connected account.

Solution 1: set up forwarding from a specific channel using this format: &1234567890#787878.
Solution 2: leave the @destination channel.

Direct Connection allows you to set up forwards from your connected account only, use the name of your virtual channel. To use forward without your virtual channel you need a common subscription. Use /powerup command.

Forward to the administrator the following messages:

1. Message containing a command /channel with which you set up your forward
2. Bot’s answer
3. Bot’s answer to a command /list
Questions without this information will be redirected back to this FAQ.

Yes. If you pay for 3 months in advance the price will be ₽2700р. For 1 year – ₽10000. If you want to use this discount please let the admin know after a payment.

We also have a promo action: Invite a friend and he/she will receive a 50% discount for the first month and you get ₽500 to your pro-account. For details, see here.

The easiest way is to use a command /channels. It will return a list of your chats and channels with their IDs.
If there is no needed ID in this list, then try another approach:
1. Forward a message from the source channel to the bot @junction_helper0_bot.
2. It will reply you with the message information.
3. There you will see the channel number in field named “”.
4. If a number starts with “-100” just remove “-100” to get a real ID.
This way can fail to work with some groups. Then use another way: click on a post in the source group and select “Copy Link”. You will have in a buffer something like Here the middle number is the ID of the group: 123456789.
There is also another way: open the group in Web Telegram and you will see this ID in the browser’s address bar.

If you need to forward messages to a group, use group’s identifier.
For example for a group with id = 123456: /channel 123456 join &1234567890#787878
Notice, that bot should be in a list of administrators of this group.

If you use a direct connection and messages from some channels arrive with a delay or do not arrive at all, please write to the administrator. Be sure to forward the original of the last delayed or not received message. We will quickly fix everything. This is due to the fact that different channels of Telegram work a little differently and in rare cases it requires a fine tuning on our part.

Redirecting from bot to bot is not currently supported. But if you need this feature, let us know. If there is a demand, we can do it.

No, with the Direct Connection it’s not possible to copy messages from channels that you are not a member of. DC does not help you to receive messages knowing only the channel number. It also will not help if you were previously in the channel, and then left it.

No, with the Direct Connection you are not required to be online with your Telegram client. Our system works independently, separately from your client. It is important not to delete the active session with the bot. It is used to get the messages which you want to forward.

With the Direct connection, it is impossible to figure out who forwards the message. The administration of a source channel or a bot sees only your account and does not have any technical ability to find out what you are doing with the messages received.

Please note that if you are in our support group, an admin of your source channel can find this out and have questions towards you. So for communication in a support group, we recommend using an account other than that in the source channel.

If you pay with the command /powerup, then you buy a standard account. To buy Direct Connection you should use the command /poweruppro 1000. Direct connection is a different service and is more expensive than a standard account. Please see here the comparison.
If you made this mistake, don’t worry. Just pay the missing amount with the command /poweruppro and let the bot’s admin know, we will transfer your first payment to Direct Connection.

Then you should use the channel instead of the group. Then all messages will come from the name of the channel.
Also, if you want them to be delivered from your name, you should use a direct connection.

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